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Who am I

My name is Molly Strahota

A.K.A. Coach Molly

USAT Coach, lifeguard and OTR with a passion for the water and improving the quality of life for our clients

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About Tri-fecta

I've been waterside since 2001 as a lifeguard and swim coach and have been active with many race events as well as racing myself. Since the beginning, I've wanted to  help make the water safer for the athletes and help them excel in their sport. I've talked to athletes reviewing their race day, and when I hear about struggles in the water I realize how many of those struggles can be worked on with practice and coaching. Swimming in an open water course feels so different than when you're swimming in a pool or a beach. My heart sinks every time I hear of a medical event in the water that ended the life or career of an athlete. In 2008 I started helping local training organizations with open water swim sessions, offering newbie workshops and supporting a set course where athletes can practice their swim and hone in on the skills and elements faced when in open water.  With Tri-fecta, you will get those opportunities and meet an outstanding community of local athletes that can come together and meet their training goals while getting some real-life practice in a setting that parallels the true race experience. 

Swimming in the lake


Open Water swim sstart

Brown, Randy

I have been swimming on Monday nights under Molly's leadership for many years. It has been an indispensable part of my training for open water swims. I've seen marked improvements in my swim pace and am  swimming longer and longer races. She trains us to swim smarter, not harder.

Johnson, Adam

Every good triathlon experience starts with a successful swim, and there is no substitute for training in a group of other swimmers with various abilities while navigating an open water course marked with buoys..

Heitman, Megan

I started swimming with Molly when I was a new swimmer, and I have seen so much growth with her. She will push you when you need to be pushed, and is always encouraging and helpful. I love working with her!

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